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Summer skin blemishes… Why me?

2 September 2013

Are you cautious when you sunbathe? Because…do you enjoy the right and necessary sun exposure? Summer is a time of light clothing, so we may expose ourselves to the sun longer than we really should. But it doesn’t stop there! During these months the sun affects our skin more than in any other period of the year. Therefore, the dangerous part is when you tempt fate with the blemish you may get on your skin. To risk or not to risk... that is the question.

But it’s not all because of the sun: many more reasons than we would expect contribute to these little surprises that break the uniformity of our skin. Waxing, use of birth control pills, pregnancy… such common situations as these ones make our daily summer life almost an inconvenience. Hormonal changes and inflammation that occur continuously become the main reasons for the appearance of the familiar blemish, aggravated by sun exposure.

And how to prevent them? The most logical answer would be as simple as avoiding sun exposure: stop the excessive amount of melanin, the component that gives color to our skin. However, we can prepare our skin during the year with a serum that can be applied day and night. And of course, food is no less important: vitamin A and C continue to be the queens of our summer.

Once we talked about the prior steps, we will dive into the afterwards steps: did you know that you can whiten the blemishes with specific treatments? Once we get them, their maintenance should become one of our priorities.

It’s still us on and underneath our skin. Don’t forget that the outer secrets come from the within. 

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