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Your sunscreen and you, more than friends

1 July 2013

All stories have a beginning and an end. And our exhibit under the sun can be no less, especially during summertime. You have a start, an in-between and an ending, where sunscreen becomes one of our best allies. In any case, we know one thing: sunscreen is not the only thing we need. It is neither the first nor the last thing that we should use.

The start refers not only to the application of the sunscreen prior to leaving the house, but also to the “start-up” that we must keep in mind prior to going out in the sun. And what do we need? Hydration and starting to sun bathe slowly and progressively. It’s like when we begin to exercise... slowly but surely. One very important detail is to apply sunscreen prior to arriving at a place where we will be in the open air.

It is really damaging to leave our skin exposed to the sun as the years go on. Little by little, or simply by some sudden reaction, we can realize the side effects of not taking care of or not valuing the delicateness of our skin. Many things may occur, from allergic reactions to suffering from premature aging.

Like an extra layer of clothing, sunscreen acts as a barrier. Keeping in mind that our exhibit under the sun usually occurs during times where we love to wear less, let’s safeguard ourselves. We can even avoid damage to our DNA! Nowadays, there are repairing treatments, but prevention is essential. That is especially true for children: They absorb the sun much more so than do older people. By the same token, children are also more exposed to the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. Conclusion? Give them the necessary protection. Give it to people with lighter skin tones or phototypes.

Another part of the body that is no less important are ... the lips! Who remembers them in the summer? Of course it’s skin, and what’s more, some of the most sensitive skin in terms of texture. Our survival kit, without a doubt, will include protection for this very delicate area.

Knowing that all history has an end, our way home will make the difference. After being and laying out in the sun for a long time, we calm down, refresh ourselves and rehydrate, both internally and externally. At the end of the day, skin is just as thirsty as we are. Therefore, listen to it and give it what it wants. A soothing gel with aloe vera or green tea (high levels of anti-oxidants, for sure) could be a perfect solution. In the end, we need to relieve the redness and leave the skin as if nothing had happened. Recovering its strength is as important as preparing it for exposure during long days under the sun.

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